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You Will Note On This Page and Throughout This Site That Many Words Are Capitalized And THE LORD’S NAME AND ANY REFERENCE TO HIS TRUTH IS ALL CAPS. The Reasons For That, Respectively, Are:

1. To Draw Your Attention To The Fact That Every Word In THE BIBLE     Is Vitally Important And Needs To Be Individually Considered, And;


3.  To EMPHASIZE Words and Meanings and The VITAL IMPORTANCE of      Them.

One Other Thing: This is a Site for Readers. There are Pictures, also, at times, and there may come a time when videos are presented, but, for now, primarily, it is a site for people who are open to, and willing to R  E  A  D!!! That. Combined with Prayer and Practical Experience Following THE LORD, By Faith that Works by Love is how you will Growwww in Your Christian Experience. Just listening to someone else and not making the effort to find out for yourself, in your own heart and mind, will not cut it. Personal Study, Combined with Personal Prayer, Which Means, (Discussing Things With THE LORD), and a Personal Practical Experience Following CHRIST JESUS, By Faith That Works By Love, is the Byword Principle that We All, As Christians, Must Live By. I Pray that You are One of Those People.


        Some Of The Central Principles of This Ministry Are:

1.  Seek Ye First, The Kingdom of GOD And HIS Righteousness, And      All The Things You Need Will Be Added Unto You. - Matthew 6:33.

2. Trust In THE LORD With All Your Heart And Lean Not Unto Your     Own    Understanding. In All Your Ways, Acknowlege HIM And HE      Will Direct Your Paths.- Proverbs 3: 5, 6.

3.  Cease Ye From Man Who’s Breath Is In His Nostrils, For Wherein Is      He To Be Accounted Of? - Isaiah 2:22.

4. If Any Man Will Do HIS Will, He Shall Know Of The Doctrine,    Whether It Be Of GOD, Or Whether I Speak Of Myself. - John      7:17.

5.  All Scripture Is Given By The Inspiration Of GOD And Is Profitable   For Doctrine, For Reproof, For Correction, For Instruction In      Righteousness: - 2Timothy 3:16.

6.  That The Man Of GOD May Be Perfect, Throughly Furnished Unto       All Good Works. 2 Timothy 3:17.

7.  It Is Written, Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone, But By Every       Word That Proceedeth Out Of The Mouth Of GOD. Matthew 4:4.

8.  THY WORD Have I Hid In My Heart, That I Might Not Sin Against      THEE. - Psalms 119:11.

9.  We Have Also A More Sure Word Of Prophecy; Whereunto Ye Do      Well That You Take Heed, As Unto A Light That Shineth In A Dark    Place, Until The Day Dawn, And THE DAY STAR Arise In Your       Hearts: - 2Peter 1:19.

10.  Knowing This First, That No Prophecy Of The Scripture Is Of Any        Private  Interpretation. - 2Peter 1:20.

11.  For The Prophecy Came Not In Old Time By The Wil; Of Man: But     Holy Men Of GOD Spake As They Were Moved By THE HOLY        GHOST. - 2Peter 1:21.

12.  And The Dragon Ws Wroth With The Woman, And Went To Make   War With The Remnant Of Her Seed, Which Keep THE      COMMANDMENTS OF GOD And Have THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS        CHRIST. - Revelation 12:17.

13.  And I Fell At His Feet To Worship Him. And, He Said, Unto Me,     See Thou Do    It Not: I Am Thy Fellowservant, And Of Thy        Brethren That Have THE     TESTIMONY OF JESUS: Worship GOD;     For The Testimony Of JESUS IS THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY. -        Revelation 19:10.

14. For GOD SO LOVED The World That HE GAVE HIS ONLY     BEGOTTEN SON, That Whosover Believeth In HIM Should Not        Perish, But Have Everlasting Life. - John 3:16.

15. Take Therefore No Thought For The Morrow: For The Morrow       Shall Take Thought For The Things Of Itself. Sufficient Unto The        Day  Is The Evil Thereof. - Matthew 6:34

16.   Do We Then Make Void The Law Through Faith? God Forbid:        Yea, We Establish The Law. - Romans 3:31.

                           There Is Much More To Come!


The Proceeding Pages Will Cover Studies and Discussion As Obtained From THE KJV MOST HOLY BIBLE, THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT OF PROPHECY Through Sister Ellen Gould White - 1827-1915, THE MOST HOLY 1888 MESSAGE Through Brother Alonzo Trevier Jones - 1850-1923, and Brother Ellet Joseph Waggoner - 1855-1916 and THE SHEPHERD’S ROD MESSAGE Through Brother Victor Tasho Houteff - 1885-1955.

Sister White and Brothers Waggoner and Jones are recognized Inspired nterpreting Prophetess, and Teachers, respectively, Sent By THE LORD To The Seventh Day Adventist Church With Special MESSAGES For These Last Days.

Brother Houteff’s INSPIRED WRITINGS AS FOUND IN THE SHEPHERD’S ROD MESSAGE Are Only Recognized by A Relatively Few Seventh Day Adventists, Certainly Not By The Majority. But. Remember, Truth is Not Popular and is Rejected by the Majority, example, CHRIST’S FIRST ADVENT!

I,.Prayerfully, Humbly but, Strongly, Suggest For Those of You Reading This That You Pray and Study and Decide For Yourself, IN THE LORD, as To Whether Their Respective MESSAGES ARE FROM THE LORD GOD OF HEAVEN, Or Not!

Obviously, You Will See From Reading That The Founders of This Site, Most Emphatically Believe That THE MESSAGES OF ALL FOUR OF THESE INSPIRED SOURCES ARE FROM THE LORD AND APPLICABLE FOR THESE LAST DAYS! But, I Repeat, You Must Prove That To Your Own Individual Minds and Hearts, and Not From Relying On Others To Do Your Studying For You! Most People Do Not Want To Make That Effort. I Pray You Are An Exception. MAY THE LORD TRULY GUIDE You Into All TRUTH As You Pray and Study and Walk By Faith That Works By Love, Which Is THE LORD WORKING In You, BOTH TO WILL AND TO DO OF HIS GOOD PLEASURE. AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN!!!

As an alternate to this STRONG MEAT TRUTH SITE, you may visit our Alternate Site, at www.thelordourrighteousness38.org which is for New Seventh Day Adventists or those of other Beliefs and is a More Basic Site, but which lays a Strong Foundation, which, hopefully, in time, will lead you back to this Site. Its your call. Just be Open and Pray and Investigate, whatever source of information you pursue, and give it a fair hearing before you make your decision for or against.


Brother Randahl and Sister Genelle – 2012


       The Lord Our Righteousness –

 Davidian Kingdom Nation Association

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