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  Sister Ellen Gould White

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The following various quotes are from THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, WHICH I have collected over a period of several years and are placed here for your Everlasting Enlightenment, IN THE LORD.

Also Note, that here, as well as throughout this whole website, I often Bold and CAPITALIZE to Emphasize because of the Extreme Seriousness of the Content, or because it is referring to THE LORD AND HIS STRONG MEAT TRUTH for these last days. Sometimes, it is only a few words, sometimes it is one or more sentences and sometimes it is one or more paragraphs.

                                               CHRIST’S LOVE

Christ's love for His children is as tender as it is strong. And it is stronger than death; for He died to purchase our salvation, and to make us one with Him, mystically and eternally one. So strong is His love that it controls all His powers, and employs the vast resources of heaven in doing His people good. It is without variableness or shadow of turning--the same yesterday, today, and forever. Although sin has existed for ages, trying to counteract this love and obstruct its flowing earthward, it still flows in rich currents to those for whom Christ died.  {TM 519.1}






"God's people will receive the Word as the leaves of the tree of life, more precious than fine gold purified in the fire and more powerful to sanctify than any other agency. To talk of Christ without the Word leads to sentimentalism. And to receive the theory of the Word, without accepting and appreciating the Author, makes men legal formalists. But Christ and His precious Word are in perfect harmony."--     Notebook Leaflets, pg 15:3

REPOSTED 10-19-11   

Chap. 134 -                        There is a Safe Path

    Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father? John 14:9.  {UL 148.1}

    There is a world to be warned, and every effort must now be made to exalt the truth. . . . The great Teacher held in His hand the entire map of truth. In simple language He made plain to His disciples the way to heaven, and the endless subjects of divine power. THE QUESTION OF THE ESSENCE OF GOD WAS A SUBJECT ON WHICH HE MAINTAINED A WISE RESERVE, for their entanglements and specifications would bring in science which could not be dwelt upon by unsanctified minds without confusion. In regard to God and in regard to His personality, the Lord Jesus said, "Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father" (John 14:9). Christ was the express image of His Father's person.  {UL 148.2}

    The open path, the safe path of walking IN THE WAY OF HIS COMMANDMENTS, is a path from which there is no safe departing. And when men follow their own human theories dressed up in soft, fascinating representations, they make a snare in which to catch souls. In the place of devoting your powers to theorizing, Christ has given you a work to do. His commission is, Go throughout the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,  {UL 148.3}


                                           CHRIST’S RESERVE

Near the entrance to the garden, JESUS LEFT all but three of the disciples, bidding them pray for themselves and for Him. With Peter, James, and John, He entered its secluded recesses. These three disciples were CHRIST'S closest companions. They had beheld HIS GLORY ON THE MOUNT OF TRANSFIGURATION; they had seen Moses and Elijah talking with HIM; they had heard the voice from heaven; now in His great struggle, Christ desired their presence near Him. Often they had passed the night with Him in this retreat. On these occasions, after a season of watching and prayer, they would sleep undisturbed at a little distance from their Master, until He awoke them in the morning to go forth anew to labor. But now He desired them to spend the night with Him in prayer. YET HE COULD NOT BEAR that even they should witness THE AGONY HE WAS TO ENDURE.  {DA 686.1}






6-13-2004    1st             Auburn

                                    TRUTH IS NOT POPULAR

The ministers of the popular churches will not allow THE TRUTH to be presented to the people from their pulpits. The enemy leads them to resist THE TRUTH with bitterness and malice. Falsehoods are manufactured. CHRIST'S experience with the Jewish rulers is repeated. Satan strives to eclipse EVERY RAY OF LIGHT SHINING FROM GOD TO HIS people. He works through the ministers as he worked through the priests and rulers in the days of CHRIST. Will those who know THE TRUTH join his party, to hinder, embarrass, and turn aside those who are trying to work IN GOD'S APPOINTED WAY TO ADVANCE HIS WORK, TO PLANT THE STANDARD OF TRUTH in the regions of darkness?  {CH 357.1}


  THE TRUTH IS SO DIFFERENT IN CHARACTER AND WORK from the errors preached from popular pulpits that when it is brought before the people for the first time, it almost overwhelms them. IT IS STRONG MEAT and should be dealt out judiciously. While some minds are quick to catch AN IDEA, others are slow to comprehend NEW AND STARTLING TRUTHS WHICH INVOLVE GREAT CHANGES and present a cross at every step. Give them time to digest THE WONDERFUL TRUTHS OF THE MESSAGE you bear them.  {Ev 177.1}


Opposition is the lot of all whom GOD employs to present TRUTHS specially applicable to their time. THERE WAS A PRESENT TRUTH in the days of Luther,-- A TRUTH at that time OF SPECIAL IMPORTANCE; THERE IS A PRESENT TRUTH for the church today.


HE WHO DOES ALL THINGS ACCORDING TO THE COUNSEL OF HIS WILL HAS BEEN PLEASED TO PLACE men under various circumstances and to enjoin upon them duties peculiar to the times in which they live and the conditions under which they are placed. If they would prize THE LIGHT GIVEN THEM, BROADER VIEWS OF TRUTH WOULD BE OPENED BEFORE them. But TRUTH is no more desired by the majority today than it was by the papists who opposed Luther. There is the same disposition to accept the theories and traditions of men instead OF THE WORD OF GOD as in former ages. Those who present THE TRUTH for this time should not expect to be received with greater favor than were earlier reformers. THE GREAT CONTROVERSY BETWEEN TRUTH and Error, between CHRIST and Satan, is to increase in intensity to the close of this world's history.  {GC 143.3}


We cannot surrender THE TRUTH in order to accomplish this union; for the very means by which it is to be gained is sanctification through the truth. Human wisdom would change all this, thinking this basis of union too narrow. Men would effect a union through conformity to popular opinions, through a compromise with the world. BUT TRUTH IS GOD'S BASIS for the unity of HIS people.

   {GW92 391.2}

JESUS PRAYED FOR HIS disciples, "That they all may be one; AS THOU, FATHER, ART IN ME, AND I IN THEE, that they also may be one in us." [JOHN 17:21.] Just before, he said, "Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." [JOHN 17:17.] And he had given them the promise, "When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth." [JOHN 16:13.] Through the Holy Spirit, Christ will open more clearly to those who will believe on him that which he has inspired holy men to write concerning the truth. And it is thus that the unity for which Christ prayed is to be effected. We are to receive sanctification through obedience to THE WORD AND THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH.  {GW92 391.1}


The true followers of CHRIST do not wait for TRUTH TO BECOME POPULAR..   Being convinced of their duty, they deliberately accept the cross, and thus remove the greatest obstacle to the reception of truth,--the only argument which its advocates have never been able to refute. It is weak, inefficient world-servers that think it praiseworthy to have no principle in religious things. We should choose THE RIGHT BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT, AND LEAVE CONSEQUENCES WITH GOD. To men of principle, faith, and daring, is the world indebted for its great reforms. By such men must the work of reform for this time be carried forward.  {4SP 293.2}


What is the matter? THE TRUTH we advocate IS NOT POPULAR; it is unpopular and ever will be, because the Sabbath truth ever involves a cross. There are enough men who are willing to preach, but they are unwilling to be laborers; they shun the working part. They are not willing to visit by the fireside, to take the Bible and try to teach its sacred doctrines in the family, to carry the burden of souls upon them, to weep between the porch and the altar, crying, "Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach" (Joel 2:17). They are not willing to feel an interest for those who listen to their discourses, to become acquainted with the individual member of families, to put forth personal efforts for them, to pray for them and with them, to show the youth that they have a deep love for their souls, to lead them kindly, tenderly, lovingly, to the fold of Christ.  {2SAT 11.3}  Sermons and Talks  Vol. 2


6-15-2004       3rd           Aubur

                                       Armed Conflict in the Last Days

Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth. Jer. 25:32.

Soon grievous troubles will rise among the nations -- trouble that will not cease until JESUS COMES. As never before we need to press together, serving Him who has prepared His throne in the heavens and whose kingdom ruleth over all. God has not forsaken His people, and our strength lies in not forsaking Him.

THE JUDGMENTS OF GOD are in the land. The wars and rumors of wars, the destruction by fire and flood, say clearly that the time of trouble, which is to increase until the end, is very near at hand. We have no time to lose. The world is stirred with the spirit of war. THE PROPHECIES of the eleventh of Daniel have almost reached their final fulfillment.

Soon strife among the nations will break out with an intensity that we do not now anticipate.
The present is a time of overwhelming interest to all living. Rulers and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust and authority, thinking men and women of all classes, have their attention fixed upon the events taking place about us. They are watching the strained, restless relations that exist among the nations. They observe the intensity that is taking possession of every earthly element, and they realize that something great and decisive is about to take place, that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis.

A moment of respite HAS BEEN GRACIOUSLY GIVEN US OF GOD. Every power lent us of Heaven is now to be used in working for those perishing in ignorance. There must be no delay. The truth must be proclaimed in the dark places of the earth. . . . A great work is to be done, and to those  this work has been entrusted.

In the last scenes of this earth's history, war will rage. There will be pestilence, plague, and famine. The waters of the deep will overflow their boundaries. Property and life will be destroyed by fire and flood. We should be preparing for the mansions that Christ has gone to prepare for them that love Him. There is a rest from earth's conflict.

From Maranatha - Page 174


    (1867) 1T 487-489

    67. Some have sneered at this work of reform, and have said it was all unnecessary; that it was an excitement to divert minds from present truth. They have said that matters were being carried to extremes. Such do not know what


they are talking about. While men and women professing godliness are diseased from the crown of their head to the soles of their feet, while their physical, mental, and moral energies are enfeebled through gratification of depraved appetite and excessive labor, how can they weigh the evidences of truth, and comprehend the requirements of God? If their moral and intellectual faculties are beclouded, they cannot appreciate the value of the atonement or the exalted character of the work of God, nor delight in the study of His word. How can a nervous dyspeptic be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh him a reason of the hope that is in him, with meekness and fear? How soon would such a one become confused and agitated, and by his diseased imagination be led to view matters in altogether a wrong light, and by a lack of that meekness and calmness which characterized the life of Christ, be caused to dishonor his profession while contending with unreasonable men? Viewing matters from high religious standpoint, we must be thorough reformers in order to be Christlike.  {CD 50.3}  

    I saw that our heavenly Father has bestowed upon us the great blessing of light upon the health reform, that we may obey the claims which He has upon us, and glorify Him in our bodies and spirits, which are His, and finally stand without fault before the throne of God. Our faith requires us to elevate the standard, and take advance steps. While many question the course pursued by other health reformers, they, as reasonable men, should do something themselves. Our race is in a deplorable condition, suffering from disease of every description. Many have inherited disease, and are great sufferers because of the wrong habits of their parents; and yet they pursue the same wrong course in regard to themselves and their children which was pursued toward them. They are ignorant in regard to themselves. They are sick and do not know that their own wrong habits are causing them immense suffering.  {CD 51.1}  

    There are but few as yet who are aroused sufficiently to understand how much their habits of diet have to do with their health, their characters, their usefulness in this world,


and their eternal destiny. I saw that it is the duty of those who have received the light from  heaven, and have realized the benefit of walking in it, to manifest a greater interest for those who are still suffering for want of knowledge. Sabbathkeepers who are looking for the soon appearing of their Saviour should be the last to manifest a lack of interest in this great work of reform. Men and women must be instructed, and ministers and people should feel that the burden of the work rests upon them to agitate the subject, and urge it home upon others.  {CD 51.2}


                                          Letter 93, 1898

    68. Physical habits have a great deal to do with the success of every individual. The more careful you are in your diet, the more simple and unstimulating the food that sustains the body in its harmonious action, the more clear will be your conception of duty. There needs to be a careful review of every habit, every practice, lest a morbid condition of the body shall cast a cloud upon everything.  {CD 52.1}


                                             MS 129, 1901

    69. Our physical health is maintained by that which we eat; if our appetites are not under the control of a sanctified mind, if we are not temperate in all our eating and drinking, we shall not be in a state of mental and physical soundness to study the word with a purpose to learn what saith the Scripture --what shall I do to inherit eternal life? Any unhealthful habit will produce an unhealthful condition in the system, and the delicate, living machinery of the stomach will be injured, and will not be able to do its work properly. The diet has much to do with the disposition to enter into temptation and commit sin.  {CD 52.2}


                                       (1869) 2T 202, 203

    70. If the Saviour of men, with His divine strength, felt the need of prayer, how much more should feeble, sinful mortals feel the necessity of prayer--fervent, constant prayer! When Christ was the most fiercely beset by temptation, He ate nothing. He committed Himself to God, and through earnest prayer, and perfect submission to the will of His Father, came off conqueror. Those who profess the


truth for these last days, above every other class of professed Christians, should imitate the great Exemplar in prayer.  {CD 52.3}

     "It is enough for the disciple that he be as his Master, and the servant as his Lord." Our tables are frequently spread with luxuries neither healthful nor necessary, because we love these things more than we love self-denial, freedom from disease, and soundness of mind. Jesus sought earnestly for strength from His Father. This the divine Son of God considered of more value, even for Himself, than to sit at the most luxurious table. He has given us evidence that prayer is essential in order to receive strength to contend with the powers of darkness, and to do the work allotted us. Our own strength is weakness, but that which God gives is mighty, and will make every one who obtains it more than conqueror.



         Effect Upon Influence and Usefulness

                                                MS 93, 1901

     71. What a pity it is that often, when the greatest self-denial should be exercised, the stomach is crowded with a mass of unhealthful food, which lies there to decompose. The affliction of the stomach affects the brain. The imprudent eater does not realize that he is disqualifying himself for giving wise counsel, disqualifying himself for laying plans for the best advancement of the work of God. But this is so. He cannot discern spiritual things, and in council meetings, when he should say Yea and Amen, he says Nay. He makes propositions that are wide of the mark. The food he has eaten has benumbed his brain power.  {CD 53.2}  

    Self-indulgence debars the human agent from witnessing for the truth. The gratitude we offer to God for His blessings is greatly affected by the food placed in the stomach. Indulgence of appetite is the cause of dissension, strife, discord, and many other evils. Impatient words are spoken and unkind deeds are done, dishonest practices are followed and passion is manifested, and all because the nerves of the brain are diseased by the abuse heaped upon the stomach.


{CD 53.3}


                                           (1870) 2T 368

    72. Some cannot be impressed with the necessity of eating and drinking to the glory of God. The indulgence of appetite affects them in all the relations of life. It is seen in their family, in their church, in the prayer meeting, and in the conduct of their children. It has been the curse of their lives. You cannot make them understand the truths for these last days. God has bountifully provided for the sustenance and happiness of all His creatures; and if His laws were never violated, and all acted in harmony with the divine will, health, peace, and happiness, instead of misery and continual evil, would be experienced.  {CD 54.1}


                                     (1875) 3T 486, 487

    73. The Redeemer of the world knew that the indulgence of appetite would bring physical debility, and so deaden the perceptive organs that sacred and eternal things would not be discerned. Christ knew that the world was given up to gluttony, and that this indulgence would pervert the moral powers. If the indulgence of appetite was so strong upon the race that, in order to break its power, the divine Son of God, in behalf of man, was required to fast nearly six weeks, what a work is before the Christian in order that he may overcome even as Christ overcame! The strength of the temptation to indulge perverted appetite can be measured only by the inexpressible anguish of Christ in that long fast in the wilderness.  {CD 54.2}  

    Christ knew that in order to successfully carry forward the plan of salvation He must commence the work of redeeming man just where the ruin began. Adam fell by the indulgence of appetite. In order to impress upon man his obligations to obey the law of God, Christ began His work of redemption by reforming the physical habits of man. The declension in virtue and the degeneracy of the race are chiefly attributable to the indulgence of perverted appetite.  {CD 54.3}



Final Prophecy Wake-up 3:56pm Oct 16  

"We are composed of what we eat, and if we subsist largely upon the flesh of dead animals we shall partake of their nature. You have encouraged the grosser part of your organism, while the more refined has been weakened. You have repeatedly said in defense of your indulgence of meat eating: "However injurious it may be to others, it does not injure me, for I have used it all my life." But you know not how well you might have been if you had abstained from the use of flesh meats. As a family, you are far from being free from disease. You have used the fat of animals, which God in His word expressly forbids: "It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor blood. "Moreover ye shall eat no manner of blood, whether it be of fowl or of beast, in any of your dwellings. Whatsoever soul it be that eateth any manner of blood, even that soul shall be cut off from his people." {Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2, page 60.4}

Be not among winebibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh: For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.” Proverbs 23:20-21

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”1Thessalonians5:23

You have flesh, but it is not good material. You are worse off for this amount of flesh. If you should each come down to a more spare diet, which would take from you twenty-five or thirty pounds of your gross flesh, you would be much less liable to disease. The eating of flesh meats has made a poor quality of blood and flesh. Your systems are in a state of inflammation, prepared to take on disease. You are liable to acute attacks of disease and to sudden death because you do not possess the strength of constitution to rally and resist disease. There will come a time when the strength and health you have flattered yourself you possessed will prove to be weakness. It is not the chief end of man to glorify his stomach. You have animal wants to be supplied; but because of this necessity shall man become all animal? ----------------------------------------- {Testimonies for the Church,Vol.2,page 61.1}

“Greater reforms should be seen among the people who claim to be looking for the soon appearing of Christ. Health reform is to do among our people a work which it has not yet done. There are those who ought to be awake to the danger of meat eating, who are still eating the flesh of animals, thus endangering the physical, mental, and spiritual health. Many who are now only half converted on the question of meat eating will go from God's people to walk no more with them. -------------------------------------------- {Counsels on Diet and Foods, page 382.1}

In all our work we must obey the laws which God has given, that the physical and spiritual energies may work in harmony. Men may have a form of godliness, they may even preach the gospel, and yet be unpurified and unsanctified. Ministers should be strictly temperate in their eating and drinking, lest they make crooked paths for their feet, turning the lame--those weak in the faith--out of the way. If, while proclaiming the most solemn and important message God has ever given, men war against the truth by indulging wrong habits of eating and drinking, they take all the force from the message they bear.” Counsels on Diet and Foods, page 382.2

Those who indulge in meat eating, tea drinking, and gluttony are sowing seeds for a harvest of pain and death. The unhealthful food placed in the stomach strengthens the appetites that war against the soul, developing the lower propensities. A diet of flesh meat tends to develop animalism. A development of animalism lessens spirituality, rendering the mind incapable of understanding truth.” -------------------------------------- Counsels on Diet and Foods, page 382.3}

You have set for your children a table of unwholesome food, cooked in an unhealthful manner. You have placed flesh meats before them, and what is the result? Are they refined, intellectual, obedient, conscientious, and religiously inclined? You know this is not the case, but entirely the contrary. Your manner of living has strengthened the animal of your nature and weakened the spiritual. You have transmitted to your children a miserable legacy, a depraved nature rendered still more depraved by your gross habits of eating and drinking. Your table has completed the work of making them what they are. The sin lies at your door. You know that they are not religiously inclined, that they will not submit to restraint, but are inclined to disobedience and to disrespect your authority. Your eldest son especially is corrupt, partaking to a great degree of the animal. Scarcely a trace of the divine can be seen in his organism. You have brought up your children to indulge their appetite when they please and as they please. Your example has taught them that they live to eat, that the gratification of appetite is about all that is worth living for. There is a work for you to do, Brother H. You have been like a man asleep or paralyzed. It is time that you make a mighty effort to save the younger members of your family. The influence of your eldest son is only evil over them. Correct your table. A depraved, stimulating diet is strengthening the animal passions of your children. Of all the families I am acquainted with, yours most needs to dispense with flesh meats and grease, and learn to cook hygienically. ----------------------------------------------- {Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2, page 61.2}

Sister H is a woman whose blood is corrupt. Her system is full of scrofulous humors from the eating of flesh meats. The use of swine's flesh in your family has imparted a bad quality of blood. Sister H needs to confine herself strictly to a diet of grains, fruits, and vegetables, cooked without flesh or grease of any kind. It will take quite a length of time of strictly healthful diet to place you in better conditions of health, where you will be rightly related to life. It is impossible for those who make free use of flesh meats to have an unclouded brain and an active intellect. ------------------------------------------ {Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2, page 62 - 63}

We advise you to change your habits of living; but while you do this we caution you to move understandingly. I am acquainted with families who have changed from a meat diet to one that is impoverished. Their food is so poorly prepared that the stomach loathes it; and such have told me that the health reform did not agree with them, that they were decreasing in physical strength. Here is one reason why some have not been successful in their efforts to simplify their food. They have a poverty-stricken diet. Food is prepared without painstaking, and there is a continual sameness. There should not be many kinds at any one meal, but all meals should not be composed of the same kinds of food without variation. Food should be prepared with simplicity, yet with a nicety which will invite the appetite. You should keep grease out of your food. It defiles any preparation of food you may make. Eat largely of fruits and vegetables. {Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2, page-63.1}

After they have reduced their physical strength by a reduced quantity and a poor quality of food, some conclude that their former way of living is the best. The system must be nourished. Yet we do not hesitate to say that flesh meat is notnecessary for health or strength. If used it is because a depraved appetite craves it. Its use excites the animal propensities to increased activity and strengthens the animal passions. When the animal propensities are increased, the intellectual and moral powers are decreased. The use of the flesh of animals tends to cause a grossness of body and benumbs the fine sensibilities of the mind. ---------------------------------------------------------- {Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2 page 63.2}

Will the people who are preparing to become holy, pure, and refined, that they may be introduced into the society of heavenly angels, continue to take the life of God's creatures and subsist on their flesh and enjoy it as a luxury? From what the Lord has shown me, this order of things will be changed, and God's peculiar people will exercise temperance in all things. Those who subsist largely upon flesh cannot avoid eating the meat of animals which are to a greater or less degree diseased. The process of fitting animals for market produces in them disease; and fitted in as healthful manner as they can be, they become heated and diseased by driving before they reach the market. The fluids and flesh of these diseased animals are received directly into the blood, and pass into the circulation of the human body, becoming fluids and flesh of the same. Thus humors are introduced into the system. And if the person already has impure blood, it is greatly aggravated by the eating of the flesh of these animals. The liability to take disease is increased tenfold by meat eating. The intellectual, the moral, and the physical powers are depreciated by the habitual use of flesh meats. Meat eating deranges the system, beclouds the intellect, and blunts the moral sensibilities. We say to you, dear brother and sister, your safest course is to let meat alone.  {Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2 page 63 - 64} ----------------------------------------------------------------

And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.” Ephesians 4:30 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.” Matthew 7:24-27

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” James-1:22

(Note: Make Sure You Eat Beans and Grains. Get Walnut With Your Food If You Can. Beans And Grains Will Give You Protein, So That You Don't Get Weak and Sick. Your body will be Strong if you eat BEANS and GRAINS)


SABBATH  5-27-2000    Auburn    


Jesus promised his disciples, "The Comforter, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." [JOHN 14:26.] But the teachings of Christ must previously have been stored in the mind, in order for the Spirit of God to bring them to our remembrance in the time of peril. "Thy Word have I hid in mine heart," said David, "that I might not sin against thee." [PS. 119:11.]  {GC88 600.1}

                                  Zeal Proportionate to Privilege

     In our efforts to help the youth we are woefully behind our duty. We have had great light, but we lack in zeal and earnestness, and have not fervency of spirit proportionate to the privileges we enjoy. We must rise above the chilling atmosphere of unbelief with which we are surrounded, and draw nigh to God, that He may draw nigh to us.  {CSW 62.2}


June 13, 2000    3rd        Auburn


                                 Ezekiel Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12

            The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials , page 1303, paragraph 1    

                                   Chapter Title: To A. R. Henry

THE LORD READS the heart as  an open book. The men who are not connected with God have done many things after the imagination of their own evil hearts. The Lord declares concerning them, “They have turned unto Me their back, and not the face, though I taught them, rising up early and teaching them; yet they have not hearkened to receive instruction.” We are amid the perils of the last days, the time will soon come when the prophecy of Ezekiel 9 will be fulfilled; that prophecy should be carefully studied, for it will be fulfilled to the very letter. Study also the tenth chapter which represents the hand of God as at work to bring perfect method and harmonious working into all the operations of his prepared instrumentalities. The eleventh and twelfth chapters also should receive critical, thoughtful attention. Let these prophecies be studied on your knees before God;  unless you take up the stumbling-blocks which by your own perverse spirit you have laid in the way of many who have been connected with you, God will turn His face utterly from you and your associates.


04-08-2006                              THE HOLY SABBATH DAY                        Parkland

Malachi 3.1 Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.

Malachi 3.2 But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fullers' soap:

Malachi 3.3 And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.

Malachi 3.4 Then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the LORD, as in the days of old, and as in former years.

Malachi 3.5 And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the LORD of hosts.

Malachi 3.6 For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

16, 17. Promises to Be Verified.--The closing words of this scripture outline the experience that the people of God are yet to have. We have a wonderful future before us as a people. The promises of the third chapter of Malachi will be verified to the letter (Letter 223, 1904).  {4BC 1184.1}

Now, observe the tie between Malachi 3 and Ezek 9 from the following from The Shepherd’s Rod Message Vol 1, 110

  Forty years later Moses was called and sent back to Egypt and did set Israel free from the Egyptian bondage.  Adding 40 to 1890 brings the total to 1930.  This period should be marked by a reformation and purification of the church, fulfilling Malachi 3, and

Shepherd's Rod book, Vol. 1                          110

Ezekiel 9.  "And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of His people, which shall be left." Isa. 11:11.

The description by Daniel applies to the commencement of the judgment for the dead; but the one by Malachi 3:1-3, is applicable to the judgment for the living -- all of the same event -- day of atonement -- cleansing of the sanctuary.     2 SHEPHERD’S ROD 184

This work of separation, or cleansing, brought to view in the parable of Matthew 13:30 and again in that of Matthew 13:47-49, also in the prophecy of Malachi 3:1-3 and in that of Ezekiel 9, as well as in Revelation 14, is directly applicable to the judgment day for the living;   TRACT 3: 49


Satan deceives many with the plausible theory that since God's love for his people is so great, he will excuse sin in them; that while the threatenings of God's word are to serve a certain purpose in his moral government, they are never to be literally fulfilled. But in his dealings with his creatures, God has maintained the principles of righteousness by revealing sin in its true character,--by demonstrating that its sure result is misery and death. The unconditional pardon of sin never has been and never will be. Such pardon would show the abandonment of the principles of righteousness which are the very foundation of the government of God. It would fill the unfallen worlds with consternation. God has faithfully pointed out the results of sin, and if these warnings are not true, how can we be sure that his promises will be fulfilled? That so-called benevolence which would set aside justice, is not benevolence, but weakness. God is the Lifegiver. From the beginning, his laws were ordained to give life. But sin broke in upon the order that God had established, and discord followed. As long as sin exists, suffering and death are inevitable. It is only because the Redeemer has borne the curse of sin in our behalf, that man can hope to escape its dire results.

                                                         Mrs. E. G. White.

{YI, June 13, 1901 par. 6}


Study the 9th chapter of Ezekiel. These words will be literally fulfilled; yet the time is passing, and the people are asleep. They refuse to humble their souls and to be converted. Not a great while longer will the Lord bear with the people who have such great and important truths revealed to them, but who refuse to bring these truths into their individual experience. The time is short. God is calling; will you hear? Will you receive His message? Will you be converted before it is too late? Soon, very soon, every case will be decided for eternity. Letter 106, 1909, pp. 2, 3, 5, 7. (To "The churches in Oakland and Berkeley," September 26, 1909.)  {1MR 260.2}

    We may well fear and tremble for the things that shall be in the future. Many of the citizens of Oakland will be weighed in the balances and found wanting. Would you be of that company? You need now to show in life and character the sanctification of the gospel, and a belief in Christ's soon coming in power and great glory. Will you show faith by genuine faith in the signs of the Lord's second coming?  {1MR 260.3}

    We are to bring the truth into all our works; we are to be sanctified through the truth, and show to a world dead in trespasses and sin that we


are a holy nation, a peculiar people, a chosen generation, zealous of good works.  {1MR 260.4}


The mark of deliverance has been set upon those "that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done." Now the angel of death goes forth, represented in Ezekiel's vision by the men with the slaughtering weapons, to whom the command is given: "Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women: but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at My sanctuary." Says the prophet: "They began at the ancient men which were before the house." Ezekiel 9:1-6. The work of destruction begins among those who have professed to be the spiritual guardians of the people. The false watchmen are the first to fall. There are none to pity or to spare. Men, women, maidens, and little children perish together.  {GC 656.2}


16, 17. Promises to Be Verified.--The closing words of this scripture outline the experience that the people of God are yet to have. We have a wonderful future before us as a people. The promises of the third chapter of Malachi will be verified to the letter (Letter 223, 1904).  {4BC 1184.1}


10-15-11                  THE LORD'S HOLY SABBATH DAY               Rochester

                                                       LAST DAY EVENTS

10-14-2006                                      THE HOLY SABBATH DAY                                          Parkland

                              God's People Flee the Cities; Many Imprisoned

     As the decree issued by the various rulers of Christendom against commandment keepers shall withdraw the protection of government, and abandon


them to those who desire their destruction, the people of God will flee from the cities and villages and associate together in companies, dwelling in the most desolate and solitary places. Many will find refuge in the strongholds of the mountains. . . . But many of all nations and of all classes, high and low, rich and poor, black and white, will be cast into the most unjust and cruel bondage. The beloved of God pass weary days bound in chains, shut in by prison bars, sentenced to be slain, some apparently left to die of starvation in dark and loathsome dungeons.--GC 626 (1911).  {LDE 259.4}

    Though a general decree has fixed the time when commandment keepers may be put to death, their enemies will in some cases anticipate the decree, and before the time specified, will endeavor to take their lives. But none can pass the mighty guardians stationed about every faithful soul. Some are assailed in their flight from the cities and villages; but the swords raised against them break and fall powerless as a straw. Others are defended by angels in the form of men of war.--GC 631 (1911).  {LDE 260.1}

                                              Testing and Trial

    The people of God are not at this time all in one place. They are in different companies and in all parts of the earth; and they will be tried singly, not in groups. Every one must stand the test for himself.--4BC 1143 (1908).  {LDE 260.2}

    The faith of individual members of the church will be tested as though there were not another person in the world.--7BC 983 (1890).  {LDE 260.3}

10-14-2006                  THE HOLY SABBATH DAY                         Parkland

    All that can be done now is to come into line. We can but suppose that the evil seed that has been sown will bring forth tares. But if you will act your part in the fear of God and for the love of souls, the Lord can overrule the matter for good. We shall certainly be approved of God if we avoid giving the world a chapter that it would be better they should never see.  {BCL 116.1}

    Will you not take your stand firmly upon the platform of eternal truth, living the truth before the world. Your associates will need to consider what course they should pursue. But you have your part to perform, as if there were not another person connected with you.  {BCL 116.2}

    I ask you to study the prayer of Christ as recorded in the seventeenth chapter of John. I hope, my dear brother, that you will see this prayer in its true character. It is a lesson by which our course of action is to be guided. It contains the science that will stand the test of ages. It is an illustration of the intercession that will stand that Christ is making and to the end of the world will continue to make for those who believe in Him.  {BCL 116.3}

    The root of the sin that is in our world is an unbelief in Christ and an unwillingness to accept the truths that He came into our world to proclaim. Sin has made us aliens from God. The first step toward restoration is obedience to words, "Let him take hold of my strength, that he may make peace with Me, and he shall make peace with Me." A belief in Christ as a personal Saviour is the only salvation provided for the sinner.  {BCL 116.4}

    I John 5:1-5. 1:3-10

  But this brother was not so much to be censured in his action; for your own course of action revealed movements that did not encourage confidence in your faith or in your judgment. He was willing to submit to the judgment of others, altogether too much so. The Lord is not pleased when men go to men, and yield up their own will and judgment to follow their counsel. When the one giving it has not more wisdom and faith than themselves, it is all a mistake. Erratic movements will be made, according to present appearance, and not according to the mind and will of God. All must stand in God. If there was not another person on the globe but ourselves, we should be Christians, for our own individual present and eternal good. Life can be pure only when it is under God's control. No man is to rule his fellow men.  {SpM 61.3}

  I Stand Alone, Severely Alone.--I have a statement to make. When the Lord presents before me any matter and instruction and I have a message to bear concerning the said matter, then I shall, to the best of my God-given ability, make known the matter, presenting the mind and will of God just as clearly as my human capabilities, guided and controlled by the Holy Spirit, shall bring all the matter before me to present to others. In regard to the serious matters given me I have not given anyone--man or woman--any right to have the least control over my work THE LORD HAS GIVEN me to do.  {3SM 66.3}

    Since twenty-one years ago, when I was deprived of my husband by death, I have not had the slightest idea of ever marrying again. Why? Not because God forbade it. No. But to stand alone was the best for me, that no one should suffer with me in carrying forward my work entrusted to me of God. And no one should have a right to influence me in any way in reference to my responsibility and my work in bearing my testimony of


encouragement and reproof.  {3SM 66.4}

    My husband never stood in my way to do this, although I had help and encouragement from him and oft his pity. His sympathy and prayers and tears I have missed so much, so very much. No one can understand this as myself. But my work has to be done. No human power should give the least supposition that I would be influenced in the work God has given me to do in bearing my testimony to those for whom He has given me reproof or encouragement.  {3SM 67.1}

    I have been alone in this matter, severely alone with all the difficulties and all the trials connected with the work. God alone could help me. The last work that is to be done by me in this world will soon be finished. I must express myself plainly, in a manner, if possible, not to be misunderstood.  {3SM 67.2}

    I have not one person in the world who shall put any message in my mind or lay one duty upon me. I am now to say to you, Brother F, when the Lord gives me a burden for you or for anyone, you shall have it in the way and manner the Lord gives it to me.--Manuscript 227, 1902.  {3SM 67.3}

   Chap. 9 - Defining Sister White's Judgment AND THE WORD OF THE LORD

                                        Sister White's Opinion?

     The Position of Part Human, Part Divine.-- Many times in my experience I have been called upon to meet the attitude of a certain class, who acknowledged that THE TESTIMONIES WERE FROM GOD, but took the position that this matter and that matter were Sister White's opinion and judgment. This suits those who do not love reproof and correction, and who, if their ideas are crossed, have occasion to explain the difference between the human and the divine.  {3SM 68.1}

    If the preconceived opinions or particular ideas of some are crossed in being reproved by testimonies, they have a burden at once to make plain their position to discriminate between the testimonies, defining what is Sister White's human judgment, and what is the word of the Lord. Everything that sustains their cherished ideas is divine, and the testimonies to correct their errors are human--Sister White's opinions. They make of none effect the counsel of God by their tradition.-- Manuscript 16, 1889.  {3SM 68.2}

    Virtually Rejecting THE TESTIMONIES.--You have talked over matters as you viewed them, that the


communications from Sister White are not all from the Lord, but a portion is her own mind, her own judgment, which is no better than anybody else's judgment and ideas. This is one of Satan's hooks to hang your doubts upon to deceive your soul and the souls of others who will dare to draw the line in this matter and say, this portion which pleases me is from GOD, but that portion which points out and condemns my course of conduct is from Sister White alone, and bears not the holy signet. You have in this way virtually rejected the whole of the messages, which God in His tender, pitying love has sent to you to save you from moral ruin. . . .  {3SM 68.3}

    THERE IS ONE BACK OF me WHICH IS THE LORD, who has prompted the message which you now reject and disregard and dishonor. By tempting God you have unnerved yourselves, and confusion and blindness of mind has been the result.--Letter 16, 1888.  {3SM 69.1}

    This Is Not My Opinion.--After I wrote you the long letter which has been belittled by Elder H as merely an expression of my own opinion, while at the Southern California Camp Meeting, the Lord partially removed the restriction, and I write what I do. I dare not say more now, lest I go beyond what the Spirit of the Lord has permitted me.  {3SM 69.2}

    When Professor I came, I put to him a few pointed questions, more to learn how he regarded the condition of things, than to obtain information. I felt that the crisis had come. Had Elder H, and those united with him, been standing in the light, they would have recognized the voice of warning and reproof; but he calls it a human work, and casts it aside. The work he is doing he will wish undone ere long. He is weaving a net around himself that he cannot easily break. This is not my opinion.  {3SM 69.3}

    What voice will you acknowledge as THE VOICE OF GOD? What power has the Lord in reserve to correct your errors, and show you your course as it is? What power to work in the church? You have, by your own course, closed every avenue whereby the Lord would reach you.


Will He raise one from the dead to speak to you? . . .  {3SM 69.4}

    In the testimonies sent to Battle Creek, I have given you the light God has given to me. In no case have I given my own judgment or opinion. I have enough to write of what has been shown me, without falling back on my own opinions. You are doing as the children of Israel did again and again. Instead of repenting before God, you reject His words, and attribute all the warnings and reproof to the messenger whom the Lord sends.--Testimony for the Battle Creek Church, pp. 50-58 (1882).  {3SM 70.1}

    Permit me to express my mind, and yet not my mind, but the word of the Lord.--Letter 89, 1899. (Quoted in Counsels to Writers and Editors, p. 112.)  {3SM 70.2}

    Satan Will Help Those Who Feel They Must Discriminate.--I have my work to do, to meet the misconceptions of those who suppose themselves able to say what is testimony from God and what is human production. If those who have done this work continue in this course, satanic agencies will choose for them. . . .  {3SM 70.3}

    Those who have helped souls to feel at liberty to specify what IS OF GOD IN THE TESTIMONIES and what are the uninspired words of Sister White, will find that they were helping the devil in his work of deception. Please read Testimony No. 33, page 211 [Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 682], "How to Receive Reproof."--Letter 28, 1906.  {3SM 70.4}

    How Can God Reach Them? --WHAT RESERVE POWER HAS THE LORD WITH WHICH TO REACH those who have cast aside HIS WARNINGS AND REPROOFS, and have accredited THE TESTIMONIES OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD to no higher source than human wisdom? In the judgment, what can you who have done this, offer to God as an excuse for turning from the evidences He has given you that God was in the work?--Testimonies to Ministers, p. 466.  {3SM 70.5}

                                   Chap. 10 - On Being an INSPIRED Messenger

    Experiences as GOD'S Messenger Recounted.-- For half a century I have been the Lord's messenger, and as long as my life shall last I shall continue to bear the messages that God gives me for His people. I take no glory to myself. In my youth the Lord made me His messenger, to communicate to His people testimonies of encouragement, warning, and reproof. For sixty years I have been in communication with heavenly messengers, and I have been constantly learning in reference to divine things, and in reference to the way in which God is constantly working to bring souls from the error of their ways to the light in God's light.  {3SM 71.1}

    Many souls have been helped because they have believed that THE MESSAGES GIVEN me WERE SENT IN MERCY to the erring. When I have seen those who needed a different phase of Christian experience, I have told them so, for their present and eternal good. And so long as the Lord spares my life, I will do my work faithfully, whether or not men and women shall hear and receive and obey. My work is clearly given me to do, and I shall receive grace in being obedient.  {3SM 71.2}

    I love GOD. I love JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD, and I feel an intense interest in every soul who claims to be a child of GOD. I am determined to be a faithful steward so


long as THE LORD SHALL SPARE my life. I will not fail nor be discouraged.  {3SM 71.3}

    But for months my soul has been passing through intense agony on account of those who have received the sophistries of Satan and are communicating the same to others, [REFERENCE TO PANTHEISTIC TEACHINGS.] making every conceivable interpretation in various ways to destroy confidence in the gospel message for this last generation, and in the special work which God has given me to do. I know that the Lord has given me this work, and I have no excuse to make for what I have done.  {3SM 72.1}

    In my experience I am constantly receiving EVIDENCE OF THE SUSTAINING MIRACLE-WORKING POWER OF GOD UPON my body and my soul, which I have dedicated to THE LORD. I am not my own; I have been bought with a price and I have such assurance of the Lord's working in my behalf that I must acknowledge His abundant grace. . . .  {3SM 72.2}

    Why should I complain? So many times has the Lord raised me up from sickness, so wonderfully has He sustained me, that I can never doubt. I have so many unmistakable evidences of His special blessings, that I could not possibly doubt. He gives me freedom to speak His truth before large numbers of people. Not only when I am standing before large congregations is special help bestowed upon me, but when I am using my pen, wonderful representations are given me of past, present, and future.--Letter 86, 1906.  {3SM 72.3}

    Given Tongue and Utterance.--Of all the precious assurances God has given me regarding my work, none has been more precious to me than this, that He would give me tongue and utterance wherever I should go. In places where there was the greatest opposition, every tongue was silenced. I have spoken the plain message to our own people and to the multitude, and my words have been accepted as coming from the Lord.-- Letter 84, 1909.


{3SM 72.4}

    Ellen G. White MESSAGE Consistent Through the Years.--The meeting on Sunday afternoon was attended by many of the citizens of Battle Creek. They paid the best of attention. At this meeting I had opportunity to state decidedly that my views have not changed. The blessing of the Lord rested upon many of those who heard the words spoken. I said: "You may be anxious to know what Mrs. White believes. You have heard her speak many times. . . . She has the same service to do for the Master that she had when she addressed the people of Battle Creek years ago. She receives lessons from the same Instructor. The directions given her are, 'WRITE THE MESSAGES THAT I GIVE you, that the people may have them.' THESE MESSAGES HAVE BEEN WRITTEN AS GOD HAS GIVEN THEM to me."--Letter 39, 1905.  {3SM 73.1}

    E. G. White's Confidence in THE DIVINE SOURCE OF Her REVELATIONS.--What a battle I am obliged to fight! My brethren seem to judge me as taking positions that are not necessary. They do not see that God in His own wisdom has made revelations to me which cannot successfully be contradicted or disputed. Nothing can rub out that which has been presented to me and imprinted on the tablets of my soul. All the oppositions or gain-saying to make my testimony of none effect only compels from me, by the urgency of the Spirit of God, a more decided repetition, and to stand on the light revealed with all the force of the strength God has given me.-- Manuscript 25, 1890.  {3SM 73.2}

    Meet the Danger Positively.--Satan will continue to bring in his erroneous theories and to claim that his sentiments are true. Seducing spirits are at work. I am to meet the danger positively, denying the right of anyone to use my writings to serve the devil's purpose to allure and deceive the people of God. [ADVOCATES OF PANTHEISTIC TEACHINGS USED E. G. WHITE WRITINGS TO BOLSTER THEIR ERRONEOUS VIEWS.] God has spared my life that I may present the testimonies given me, to vindicate


that which God vindicates, and to denounce every vestige of Satan's sophistry. One thing will follow another in spiritual sophistry, to deceive if possible the very elect.--Manuscript 126, 1905.  {3SM 73.3}

    Unmoved by Opposition.--The greatest tirade may be made against me, but it will not change in the least my mission or my work. We have had this to meet again and again. The Lord gave me the message when I was only 17 years old. . . . The message the Lord has given me to bear has been in a straight line from light to light, upward and onward from truth to advanced truth.--Manuscript 29, 1897.  {3SM 74.1}

    No Claim to the Title "Prophetess."--During the discourse [at Battle Creek, October 2, 1904], I said that I did not claim to be a prophetess. Some were surprised at this statement, and as much is being said in regard to it, I will make an explanation. Others have called me a prophetess, but I have never assumed that title. I have not felt that it was my duty thus to designate myself. Those who boldly assume that they are prophets in this our day are often a reproach to the cause of Christ.  {3SM 74.2}

    My work includes much more than this name signifies. I regard myself as a messenger, entrusted by the Lord with messages for His people.--Letter 55, 1905. (In Selected Messages, book 1, pp. 35, 36.)  {3SM 74.3