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An Open Letter To Any Seventh Day Adventist Christians Who Are Praying, Studying, Waiting, Watching, and "Listening"

August 27, 2012

Dear S.D.A. Brother(s) and/or Sister(s), Leadership and Laity: I ask that you Please Pray, before you read this letter, for THE LORD'S GUIDANCE, regarding the information in it.

My name is Bro. Randahl Wells. Holder, 76 years old, baptized an S.D.A in 1974, disfellowshipped in 1982, Wa. due to willful sin in my life.  SDA BC 7A:216, col.2. I was rebaptized in 1997 & am now a member of the Enumclaw S.D.A. Church. Thank THE LORD for Jer. 3:11-14.

My education & work background is 2+ years of college, plus aviation school & electrical trade school. I've done a variety of things, including taxi-driving, gas station, restaurant, janitorial, & electronic assembly, work, and general labor. I also flew 7 years for United Air Lines as a B-727 flight engineer. From 1985 to 1999 I was a small remodeling contractor. Then, sales and care-giving for a few years. I finished up selling a few cars.

My wife, Genelle is a member of the Broken Bow S.D.A. Church, Nebraska. Some of our children are S.D.A.s & some are not. There is no known history of S.D.A.s in my family. There is in my wife's family. My wife is a retired elementary school teacher with an MA in education.

We are now both retired. We Share The Gospel online, by phone, in person and mail. I am confined to a wheelchair, with spinal injury, so I am not nearly as active, physically as I used to be.


I have been up and I have been down, in my life, even to living on the street a little, in the 70's & 80's. I am giving you this brief history about myself so that you know a little of who I am just a human being on planet earth. I am also a sinner, nothing to be proud of, but thankful to THE LORD JESUS CHRIST that I know I am & that without HIM, I cease to exist in any way. With that brief synopsis of who is writing to you, & with Prayer, THE LORD'S STILL SMALL VOICE, HIS MOST HOLY WORD, & SPIRIT OF PROPHECY & 1888 WRITINGS & HIS DIVINE PROVIDENCE, GUIDING me, and you, I continue:


At 6, I became aware of GOD. Some other children told me there was a GOD & I said, "yes," although, to my knowledge, my parents had not taught me about GOD and we did not attend any church. Time progressed and in 1973, at 37, THE LORD Pressed more deeply on me. Eventually, I was baptized into the S.D.A. Church after attending a Prophecy Seminar in 1974. I soon  quit flying for the airline because of a conflict with The Holy Sabbath Day, although, I should have fought that in the courts. but, I didn't. I was so full of zeal for THE LORD & HIS TRUTH I figured I was now on a whole new path. The problem was, instead of daily, prayerfully, studiously, following THE LORD'S GUIDANCE, I, in effect, said, Thanks, LORD, "Ive got it now" and I very quickly dug a pit. I've done that more than once, in fact, many times. THE LORD IN HIS MERCY has brought me out, each time, but the cost was rather high in some cases.

BUT, BY FAR, THE HIGHEST COST OF ALL HAS ALWAYS BEEN & ALWAYS WILL BE HIS BLOOD SHED for you & me. THAT WILL BE our THEME SONG OF SONGS TO HIM FOREVER. FOREVER, WILL we PRAISE & THANK HIM. The other Angels of HEAVEN will do the same. See LDE 290-end. Shortly after being baptized, I became involved in selling door to door, and Witnessing. I realized, from prayer, study and witnessing that there was something more in THE HOLY BIBLE & THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY than I was hearing from the SDA Church. Certain vitally important TRUTHS which have been EXPRESSLY GIVEN BY THE LORD to the SDA Church, since its beginning, and over the years, as found in THE KJV HOLY BIBLE & THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, & THE 1888 MESSAGE, ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE KINGDOM. This is why I encourage people I meet, to Read their BIBLE, and S.D.A.'s, especially, to Read their HOLY KJV BIBLE & THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY & THE 1888 MSG!!! They go together like food and water! Read 3SM: 83-84, 5T:654-676, Heb. 1:1-2, Rev.12:17;19:10, 1Thess5:20. Look up SPIRIT OF PROPHECY in THE S.O.P. Index Books & see HOW IMPORTANT IT REALLY IS!! THE BIBLE IS THE STANDARD, but we cannot afford to ignore THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY. We are told in THE BIBLE, SOP, & 1888 Msg, - (TM91-93), to Seek First THE KINGDOM OF GOD & HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Matt.6:33,  DA121. MB 147-149. 1888-CAHR 46. Also, to Study THE PROPHECIES. 2Pet.1:19-20, 1Thess. 5:20, DA234-5. Luke 24:25, 2 Chron 20:20, Amos 3:7.

Many SDA ministers & laity alike tell me, we have all the prophecies & everything we need. Also, that the Old Testament Prophecies were conditional to Israel of Old and they did not fulfill Them, so They have no application to us. However, THE BIBLE, SOP &  1888 Msg SAY the opposite. Read PK 22, 713,714, 3SM 338-339, 419-420. 1888 SITI,469.6,1896,EJW.

Granted, a personal head & heart relationship with THE LORD JESUS IS FIRST. But, we are also told to seek HIS KINGDOM, or THEOCRATICAL GOVT. Matt.6:33, DA330.

THE SOP WARNS us over & over that there is more light, TRUTH, to come. THE LORD will not tolerate us thinking otherwise. Read CSSW 25-35, GW 300-310. TM&GW 70, 89, 105-107, 475. 5T: 254, 453, 709 728.  6T:165.  EW277  GC316, 343, 372, 609, 8T:322, GC88:424, TM 475......

"Close Reasoners & Logical Thinkers are Few" 3T:142...THE TIME GETS SHORTER!!!

In 1888, when the MESSAGE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS BY FAITH came through Bros. E. J. Waggoner & A. T. Jones to prepare the Church for the Latter Rain & the Loud Cry IT was rejected. Thus, THE HOLY TRINITY, The Loud Cry Angel & 3 Living Messengers,  Sr. E. G. White, Bros. E.J. Waggoner & A.T. Jones were rejected by the great majority of the S.D.A. Church. That MSG covered many Subjects, Namely: Righteousness by Faith, A Closer Walk with THE LORD, The Loud Cry, Health Reform and Its Original Purpose,( To Prepare us for Translation), Being a Creationist or an evolutionist, the Stone of Dan 2 and some on the Kingdom, etc.

Read SOP Letter to O.A. Olsen 127,1896.....AND,THE TIME GETS SHORTER!  

Besides the church rejecting THE 1888 Message: CHRIST & HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, it has, also, specifically, rejected THE KINGDOM MESSAGE , Matt. 6:33 & Lk12:31,32 Acts15:14-18, PK 294-299, 1888-SITI,469.6,1896,EJW, ATJ, ARSH 232.9 4/10/1900 Amos 9:11-15, Ezk 34, 36, 37:15-28, Jer 30, 31, 33, Hos 3:4,5, Isa2, Micah4, to name a few.

The Kingdom Truth is Sooooooo Important!!! Matt.6:33, 1888-CAHR 46, E.J.W., MB:147..AND TIME GETS SHORTER AND SHORTER, EVERY DAY!!!!

1888 CAHR46 says Food & Clothing are Minor Mattes compred to Seeking The Kingdom  God & His Righteousness Mt6:33 THE SOP ENLIGHTENS us on many other things. A FEW are:


1. The majority of our trouble is going to come from within the church, not outside, RH 3-22-1887,5T:477.TM 46.  

2, Dress reform is vital to church health. 4T:645,  1T: 188-90.


3. Health reform is the Right Arm of The 3rd Angel's Message & a straight vegetarian diet (vegan is even better, and raw is best), is imperative for Translation. 2T:352, 5T:569-70, CD33,54, 487, 592, 705.  In case any of you do not know what Translation is, it means being taken to HEAVEN AT THE LORD'S RETURN, without experiencing death, personally.


4. 144,000 We are to strive with all the power within us to be one of the 144,000. RH 3-9-1905. Do you want to be 1 of or with them? I certainly do! We need to be aware of the work of this particular group & the overall experience they will have. There has never been, nor ever will be a group of people, men and women, maybe even children, like them, "men wondered at", Zech. 3:8. They will be called "Saviours," Obadiah21, because they will have THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH, & nothing but THE TRUTH. People will hear their WORDS & accept or reject THEM. It will not be a long drawn out process. GC 612. They will stand on Mt. Zion with THE LORD JESUS, always be at HIS SIDE throughout eternity, the only ones who enter the TEMPLE OF GOD. They will know the day & hour of THE LORD'S return & only THE LORD KNOWS what else! GC648-649, TV3:266-67, 7A:422, EW15 & index on 144,000 & S.O.P. Index: on 144,000.


5. There are 2 Probations. 1 for the SDA Church & 1 for the rest of the world. Probation will close first for the S.D.A. Church in order to have a Purified Church, without any more sin or tares in it. This Sealing is not only the Holy Sabbath & accompanying Truths, but also, that we will be "Sighing and Crying" for all the abominations existing within the SDA Church. This Sealing will manifest the 144,000 & those with them who will carry out the ingathering of the people in the other churches, & the world in general, during the Loud Cry, RH 11-19-08, Ezk.9:  Mal.3  3T:266-267  5T:207-216. TM 445, 475.  Rev 7:1-8, 9. THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY tells us to read Ezk.9. These words will be literally fulfilled to the letter, Letter 106, 9-26-1909. EGW 1888 Mat.1303.


6. There are many wonderful priviledges, truths & duties in THE BIBLE which we do not even suspect to be 8T:322

7. The 666 is the U.S. Govt. in the future, not the Pope. Dan11:44,45, SOP-WTLF 8,9,19.

8. Also, it is a 5 Angel Message, not 3, per SOP-WTLF 11, Rev. 14:6-20.  

9. Very few S.D.A.'S are prepared for deliverance & few understand what Righteousness by Faith is. 5T:46-62. I do not think any of us understand it all. Too many people listen only to the ministers & do not study for themselves & we are told the church will seldom rise higher than the ministry.5T;227. This is not saying that the ministry is bad, but rather it is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, THROUGH THE KJV BIBLE & THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, TELLING us to KEEP our eyes on HIM and not on man, even if the man is an SDA minister. 5T:227. S.O.P. V.4: 337-40, EW69. Isa2:22. Yes, these are Strong Words, but TRUTH has always been that way!

PLEASE, STUDY! Our TEST, (& we are being Tested clear to the end), is not being GRADED "on the curve!" I am trying to bring out into the open what is involved in being a True S.D.A. Christian. The “STRONG MEAT”, Heb5:14, is not being preached enough and some of IT not at all.  THE STRAIGHT TESTIMONY OF THE TRUE WITNESS will result in a shaking within this denomination, which will lead to a split & war within the Church itself! Read EW270. 5T:477. GC 48. 3T:252-253. The True S.D.A. Christian will fight that war with THE TRUTH & HUMILITY OF JESUS CHRIST working, by FAITH & LOVE, at all times, within him or her, both to Will & to Do of HIS GOOD PLEASURE, Gal5:6, Philp.2:13.

The only reason why this war is not already happening is because we are not living up to what THE LORD WANTS of us. Also, our various idols, (chiefly, people, things and money), are keeping us from that & Satan is not worried. But, when we really decide to follow THE LORD all the way,( & we  better start now ) then persecution is going to break out within our own ranks as THE LORD PURIFIES HIS Church to get it ready for the Loud Cry. GC48, LDE156. PK725,CD32, 1SM234. Like it, or not, THE LORD & HIS Messengers said it.  I'm only repeating it. These events are close upon us. THE LORD IS  DOING EVERYTHING HE CAN TO SAVE us but HE is not going to do that forever. 2T:41. EW64, 66, 119. GC 22. It is not a Peace and Safety Message!! See 5T:211.

Did you know that EVERY COVENANT PROMISE & PROPHECY, THE LORD MADE to Israel of Old, Will Finally Be Carried Out To a Goodly Remnant of THE LORD'S Church on Earth Today. The PROPHECIES of Ezekiel, Daniel,  Jeremiah  &  all the other prophets apply especially to us in these last days! Many Prophecies are yet to be fulfilled. We cannot ignore THIS COUNSEL except to the peril of our souls. 1SM:404, 314, O.T. - Gen. to Mal. Obedience by Faith that Works by Love is the condition required for their fulfillment,Gal.5:6, Philip.2:13 However, the opportuity applies to each generation, 1SM:63,67, It will happen in the end times because HIS HONOR is at stake. See PK22, 713-14, 299, 677-78, 3SM: 338-39, 419-20. Ezk.34,36:21-22,32, Tie these, Very Prayerfully, with Isa.2, 11, 1SM172-73, Ezk. 37: 15-28, Ezk.47, 48, Dan.2:44,45,35. & Zech.12,14, just to name a few & see what you get!!...AND, THE TIME KEEPS GETTING SHORTER AND SHORTER!

Brothers & Sisters, THE FOLLOWING IS MOST IMPORTANT: We MUST be on a straight vegetarian diet to comprehend these GLORIOUS TRUTHS for these last days, & discern THEM from Error, & live THEM, CD 54,72, 209,226,678-686, and, to withstand the temptations that are here & that are coming. Read CD 206,356,359. Get on a Fruits Grains Nuts & Vegetables, Seeds, & Legumes Diet. The more raw, the better. See SOP INDEX  under Diet & you will see how Vitally Important this is! Remember, It is The Right Arm of The 3rd Angel's Message. 2T:352, 698.

Read through DA & GC. Satan is endeavoring to take out everyone & THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is doing HIS LEVEL BEST to SAVE all whom HE can. But, we must cooperate with HIM by having a personal relationship with HIM in our minds & hearts so that we surrender all, moment by moment & let HIM work through us according to HIS GOOD PLEASURE , not our own. It is very difficult for THE LORD TO SAVE souls. Read GC22. Not because HE CANNOT DO IT, but because most people will not surrender all!Read GC88:600

Do you know that all the Angels of Heaven & all the people on the unfallen worlds, also, owe their continued existence to THE CROSS OF CHRIST? DA88, 761, SDA BC 7A:252, Col. 2. The Angels & Universe were not sure until Satan crucified CHRIST. This Plan of Salvation is not just for us, its for the whole universe! THAT IS HEAVY!  

Even more important than Salvation is our Ultimate Purpose: to become the "peculiar, odd, straight-laced extremist, fanatic, enthusiasts," for JESUS, (that the world & many in the Church will call us), RH V.3, p.112 & letter written in Tasmania, May 1, 1895.  We have got to let HIM bring us to the point where we Agape Love HIM so much, that nothing else matters, but CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED. PP68.  True, other things have their importance, but HE MUST BE FIRST, LAST & ALWAYS, our SUPREME DESIRE. It is taking HIM the full 4000 years, from CREATION to HIS BIRTH & 2000 more years which brings us to the present time,for a total of 6000  years, give or take a few years, to get enough repentant prodigals to repopulate the new earth. That is the amount of time, that Satan has to carry out his evil plans, GC88:518, 656-59.

Then comes the Millennium of 1000 years when we will be in HEAVEN with THE LORD. That totals to 7000 years, number 7 denoting completion, AA585.There we grow up to full size GC:440.

Now,Think on this: THE LORD JESUS will always be in HUMAN FORM. HE has THE GLORY of GOD, but not THE FORM. HE DID THAT for all of us. 3Ang. Msg, ATJ, 1895, p. 449. Do you know that our faith is going to be tested like no one else is on the planet.  7A:427, col l. Get The SDA Bible Commentary Supplement Book-7A. It is one of the Single, Most Loaded S.O.P. Books.

There is much to share! I'm trying to show how Vitally Important this whole thing is! Read Isa.58 & Ezk.3, PK570 Most Important is that each of you study for yourselves. Each of us must know what we believe & believe what we know, for we may find ourselves alone, in prison, in court, foreign area, etc., defending our Faith.

The Question now is: Will we Obey & Live? The many facets of sin, (disobedience to GOD'S HOLY LAW), 1John 3:4; (whatsoever is Not of Faith), Romans 14:23, are because we choose to go our own way. To go THE LORD'S WAY requires full surrender of our whole heart. To follow THE LORD means we will, at times,  have to go opposite of what our carnal heart wants to do. We must, in every situation we are faced with, ask the Question; WHAT IS THE LORD'S FIRST CHOICE PLAN? That requires real commitment regardless of the circumstances. Often to do this It’s scary, its unknown, its difficult & hard to reason out, logically, but that is what is involved if we choose to serve HIM. There is no getting away from it. It Requires  FAITH. Motivated by LOVE, which involves TOTAL TRUST IN CHRIST JESUS, by HIM LIVING IN our Mind. Heart & Body & our SELLING OUT to HIM every moment of every day till HE RETURNS for us. That takes Prayer about every Thought! Remember, If you Think about it.....Pray about it!!!

THE COST IS HIS BLOOD & SACRIFICE, & our self, & without HIM we are worth nothing. HE & HE ALONE, MAKES us of Value. Luke 17:10 Ps.115:1 Jn.15:5. This is not putting anyone down, These Are The Facts! We Must Understand This in our mind and heart.  The Most Encouraging Part is that I am seeing that the more I, we, keep in an Attitude of Prayer about every thought, big, little & in between & the More we Maintain BIBLE Study & Spirit of Prophecy & 1888 Study, & cooperate with HIM in Sharing, & Whatever else HE would have us to do, the more HIS FAITH, HOPE, & LOVE DOES GROW in us, until we find in the very core of our being, our heart, (our sub-conscious mind, if you will), who we really are down deep inside, that HE REALLY IS ALIVE AND IS WHO THE MOST HOLY BIBLE, KJV, SAYS HE IS. We may believe this in our head, but the all important factor is that we must cooperate with HIM to get that into our heart. Then, HE REALLY BECOMES A PART of us and, Then, we Really Believe IT and, Then, all we will want to do is serve HIM. And, Then, we will have finally found THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE, THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE for our EXISTENCE. THIS IS WHOM & WHAT we are Really Looking for, whether we realize it or not. HE is the CURE for all the Heartache, Alcoholism, Drugs, Smoking, Swearing, Anger, Disease, Crime, Divorce, Wars, and all other Sin, you name it.  Now, you may believe that & you may not & you may not be sure. But I'm telling you, as one SDA human being to another, from my own experience of struggling,failing, frustration, obeying by FAITH & LOVE, gradually climbing, & growing, IN HIM, IT IS THE TRUTH!...AND, THE TIME IS VERY SHORT!!

Read THE SPECIAL COUNSEL given in Ecclesiastes Chaps. 1-12, and, Remember, Character is the only thing we take with us to HEAVEN, & IT HAS TO BE HIS CHARACTER in us. COL315,332 Ed.34, 5T:500, 6T:9 Ps.19:7.

Also, TIME is the Most Important Thing for which we will be held accountable, 4T:306-7, 540,589-90, 9T:48.

And, REMEMBER, ALL TRUTH is to be Received as THE LIFE OF JESUS. 7A:401,Col.2. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, our SAVIOUR, is offering us THE OPPORTUNITY to exchange our vile characters, (which are worth nothing without HIM), for HIS HOLY CHARACTER WHICH IS WORTH EVERYTHING. That’s like turning in a wooden nickel & receiving an unending & unlimited supply of gold. Where can we go anywhere on this planet or in the universe, even, & get a “DEAL” like that?

IT COST THE PURE BLOOD AND SACRIFICE OF GOD’S SON to make this possible & it is THE SUBJECT that the Redeemed, The Angels & the People of all the Unfallen Worlds, of the Universe, will Study & Discuss and Marvel at throughout the eternal ages!!! Read LDE 290-300.

NOW, Hopefully, you’re “stirred”, or maybe even “agitated”, enough to call, Fax, write, or e-mail, whether you agree or disagree.You will be Truly Amazed at what else you find out.  Remember, The Time is Very, Very Short. Soon, Probation will close and, Forever, IT WILL BE TOO LATE!!! Do Not Let That Happen To You and have to say: The harvest is past, the summer is ended, & we are not saved. Jer 8:20.........Instead, Follow Matt24:13!!!

Many will be lost while hoping & desiring to be Christians. They do not come to the point of yielding the will to God. They do not now choose to be Christians. SC 47

Prayerfully & Pleadingly, In THE MOST HOLY NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, CREATOR GOD, our SAVIOUR & our KING, AMEN!,.............

Brothers and/or Sisters, “The ball is in your court”!!!


Brother Randahl and Sister Genelle  Ph. 360-858-1728,  Cel 253-380-2934, E-Mail vanguardbayhorse@comcast.net, Website thegoldenbowl.org,  Rochester, Wa. , USA.